At Triplo, our brand is built on three guiding principles that unite us: Gear for Purpose, Gear for Conversations about Jesus, and Gear for Impact. With each product, we aim to equip you for your daily mission, engage in meaningful conversations about faith, and make a global difference through your support. Our mission is with every purchase giving 10% toward spreading the Gospel and much-needed services to disenfranchised individuals and communities.

Our Story

Our story begins with a dream to start a t-shirt company, but we saw a bigger purpose and the opportunity for a Christian brand making an impact all over the world. We are family owned, and as Christians, we felt called to support global missions around the world. We believe in tithing and feel our company should as well. Triplo is a labor of love crafted by real people, inspired by the Gospel, and nurtured by the values we hold dear. We started as a small family-run business, driven by a deep commitment to purpose, a passion for spreading the love of Jesus, and a profound desire for global impact. Today we are serving over 5 global ministries that are impacting thousands of men, women, and children for Christ.

Our Clothing

If we weren’t proud to wear Triplo Gear ourselves, we wouldn’t sell it. Headquartered in North Carolina, we set ourselves apart through the inclusion of silicone patches, distinctive woven hem tags, and high-quality fabrics that stand out from the alternatives you may have experienced. Just as Ecclesiastes 4:12 emphasizes the strength of a threefold cord, our garments embody the unity of faith, quality, and excellence.

Our Partners

At Triplo, we're proud to partner with five global nonprofit organizations. Each ministry is based in that country of origin and is actively impacting local communities, especially children and youth. While their humanitarian efforts encompass providing essentials like food, clothing, and shelter - their overarching mission is to spread the Gospel. And that is why Triplo works with them! Your purchases directly support making a difference on the lives of those they serve.

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Your Transformative Impact

At Triplo, your support extends far beyond a simple purchase. It serves as a catalyst for change, creating a significant impact in the lives of those less fortunate. Every product you wear allows you to actively participate in spreading The Gospel, and support those on the front lines who are changing their communities. Together, we are making a meaningful and lasting difference. Thank you for being part of this incredible journey.